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Shaping policy for development

An overview of Lagoro IDP camp in Kitgum District, northern Uganda, 20 May 2007. Manoocher Deghati/IRIN

Latest publications: Books or book chapters

Delivering sustainable growth in Africa

Publication - Books or book chapters - 9 December 2013
Takahiro Fukunishi, Jodie Keane, Aya Suzuki, Akio Nishiura, Takahiro Fukunishi, Herinjatovo Aimé Ramiarison, Tomomi Tokuori
Increases to commodity prices in Sub-Suharan Africa have had a significant impact on the GDP per capita growth. This publication focuses on five case studies that have experienced significant external changes.

Migration and the United Nations Post-2015 Development Agenda

Publication - Books or book chapters - 5 September 2013
Migration and the United Nations Post-2015 Development Agenda gathers together recent research findings outlining the links between migration and development and proposing how migration can best be factored into the future development framework, offering a timely contribution to the argument for migration’s inclusion in the coming development agenda.

The future of social protection in Brazil: challenges and possible responses

Publication - Books or book chapters - 5 September 2013
Francesca Bastagli and Fabio Veras Soares
​This highly original and thought-provoking book examines the recent expansion of social protection in China, India, Brazil and South Africa – four countries experiencing rapid economic growth and social change. It documents developments in each country, analyses the impact of government transfers and discusses future trends. It shows that social protection has complemented economic growth and supported development efforts. Social protection has been fundamental to promoting equitable and sustainable societies.

Rural water supply corruption in Ethiopia

Publication - Books or book chapters - 3 September 2013
Roger Calow, Alan MacDonald, Piers Cross
For decades, corruption in Ethiopia has been discussed only at the margins. Perhaps because many have not experienced corruption as a significant constraint to their lives and businesses, or perhaps because a culture of circumspection has dampened open dialogue, Ethiopia has seen neither the information flows nor the debate on corruption that most other countries have seen in recent years. This chapter 4 focuses on rural water supply corruption in 'Diagnosing corruption in Ethiopia : perceptions, realities, and the way forward for key sectors'.

Assessing Aid for Trade: effectiveness, current issues and future directions

Publication - Books or book chapters - 31 July 2013
Dirk Willem te Velde and Mohammad A Razzaque
This volume, comprising 16 chapters prepared by 20 renowned experts from a range of international organisations, think tanks and academic institutions, including Commonwealth Secretariat, ODI, ECDPM, DIE, ICTSD, Saana Consulting, WTI Advisors, and Columbia University, provides a comprehensive review of the Aid for Trade initiative.

Wealth in the UK: distribution, accumulation and policy

Publication - Books or book chapters - 22 May 2013
John Hills, Francesca Bastagli, Frank Cowell, Howard Glennerster, Eleni Karagiannaki and Abigail McKnight
This book presents new findings on wealth inequality and how it has changed, how people accumulate wealth through capital gains and inheritance, and the effects of wealth-holding on life chances. It argues that despite its great importance, public policies towards personal wealth are inconsistent, contradictory and often regressive.