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Shaping policy for development

An overview of Lagoro IDP camp in Kitgum District, northern Uganda, 20 May 2007. Manoocher Deghati/IRIN
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HPG Policy Briefs


Humanitarian Policy Group (HPG) Policy Briefs are short papers which contain key points and policy recommendations. Some complement or summarise our reports, while others combine analysis from previous research with consultation around a live policy issue or crisis situation.

Humanitarian Policy Group
Publications in this series

Protecting civilians: the gap between norms and practice

Publication - Research reports and studies - 21 April 2014
Attacks on civilians have become an all too commonplace occurrence in conflicts, illustrated vividly in crises in Syria and the Central African Republic. Yet at the same time there has been a range of developments in laws and policies focused on improving the protection of civilians (PoC) in armed conflicts since the 1990s. This policy brief examines the gap between the reality for civilians on the ground and PoC norms and policies and suggests areas for further work to help translate rhetoric into reality.

Humanitarian negotiations with armed non-state actors: key lessons from Afghanistan, Sudan and Somalia

Publication - Briefing papers - 18 March 2014
Drawn from over 500 interviews with aid workers, members of armed groups (including the Taliban, Al-Shabaab and the Sudan People’s Liberation Movement-North) and others, this policy brief highlights key lessons from a two-year research project on humanitarian negotiations with armed non-state actors in Afghanistan, Somalia and Sudan.

The search for common ground: civil–military relations in Afghanistan, 2002–13 - Policy Brief

Publication - Briefing papers - 15 May 2013
Ashley Jackson and Simone Haysom
This policy brief summarises research on civil-military dialogue between aid agencies and military forces in Afghanistan from 2002 through 2012. It aims to contribute to the understanding of the challenges of civil-military dialogue in the context of international and national military forces pursuing stabilisation activities.