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Shaping policy for development

An overview of Lagoro IDP camp in Kitgum District, northern Uganda, 20 May 2007. Manoocher Deghati/IRIN
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Tajikistan Parliament
Tajikistan Parliament

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The limits of institutional reform in development

21 May 2013 17:00 - 19:00 (GMT+01 (BST))
Overseas Development Institute

This event discusses Matt Andrews' new book 'The limits of institutional reforms in development' and its implications for the theory and practice of reforming public sector institutions in developing countries.

In his book, Matt Andrews discusses international efforts to introduce formal institutions of good government in developing countries, such as fiscal rules or anti-corruption agencies. He explains why reform results are frequently limited and suggests ways to overcome these limits. Reforms often fail because they are used as signals to international actors to garner support and funds. Instead, reforms should be adapted to context, iterative and problem driven.

The approach developed in this book has the potential to be a seminal contribution to how we think about institutional change. It challenges much of today’s international practice in the area. The event will bring together a diverse group of practitioners and academics to discuss what this means for reform practice today. What is it about some reforms that allow them to succeed when so many others fail? What is the role, if any, for external support? Do we have the right analytical tools for the job?

At the close of this event at 19:00 there will be a drinks reception in the ODI lounge area.

Matt Andrews - Associate Professor of Public Policy, John F. Kennedy School of Government

Per Molander - Director General, Swedish Social Security Inspectorate

Philipp Krause - Head of Research, Budget Strengthening Initiative

Andrew Norton - Interim Director, ODI

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Centre for Aid and Public Expenditure

Andy Norton introduces the ODI event - The limits of institutional reform in development

Matt Andrews - The limits of institutional reform in development

Phillipp Krause - The limits of institutional reform in development

Par Molander - The limits of institutional reform in development

Q&A - The limits of institutional reform in development