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Shaping policy for development

An overview of Lagoro IDP camp in Kitgum District, northern Uganda, 20 May 2007. Manoocher Deghati/IRIN
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Brazilian flag
Brazilian flag

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Brazil’s rise in international development: unlocking the potential

24 October 2011 15:30 - 17:00 (GMT+01 (BST))
Portcullis House
Attlee Suite

Brazil’s unremitting economic growth, coupled with the unprecedented dynamism injected by former President Lula da Silva into foreign policy, has projected the country into the international arena.  The country is also expanding its development cooperation across the Global South at record rates, drawing on successful public policies and research on a variety of fields, most notably health and tropical agriculture.  Internally, Brazilian authorities face a country with a complex political architecture and some critical development challenges, notably social inequality and urban security, and where overseas development is yet to emerge as a policy (and indeed as political) issue in its own right.

This APGOOD event will discuss Brazil’s emergence in international development against the backdrop of the world’s changing aid architecture and Brazil’s maturing democracy and explore the future prospects for Brazil’s cooperation agenda and its position in global affairs.

Minister Marco Farani, Director of the Brazilian Cooperation Agency since 2008, will provide an account of Brazil’s cooperation principles and practice.

Jonathan Glennie, ODI Research Fellow,  an expert in development finance policy who has written a well-received book on the subject, will talk about the aid landscape as it stands and discuss the role Brazil can play in it.

Rt Hon David Laws MP, who also chairs the All Party Parliament Group on Overseas Development, will act as our chair.


Minister Marco Farani -  Director, Brazilian Cooperation Agency
Jonathan GlennieResearch Fellow, ODI


Rt Hon David Laws MP - Chair, All Party Parliament Group on Overseas Development

Politics and Governance
Centre for Aid and Public Expenditure
All Party Parliamentary Group on Overseas Development (APGOOD)

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