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Shaping policy for development

An overview of Lagoro IDP camp in Kitgum District, northern Uganda, 20 May 2007. Manoocher Deghati/IRIN
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Richard Mallett
Richard Mallett

Richard Mallett

Research Officer, Social Protection
A geographer by training, Richard supports and contributes to research conducted by the Secure Livelihoods Research Consortium (SLRC). His previous experience includes researching the urban displacement of Internally Displaced Persons in Uganda, working as a reseach assistant for Dr. Andy Sumner at the Institute of Development Studies (IDS), and providing project support to a child poverty campaign based in London. Richard's current work focuses on livelihood trajectories under conflict, state legitimacy and state-building, and effective delivery of basic services in conflict-affected environments.
Girl in front of destroyed homes, CAR
Girl in front of destroyed homes, CAR

Girl in front of destroyed homes in Ngaoundaye, Central African Republic
License: Creative Commons
Credit: hdptcar
Source: Flickr

Third world conference on human security: humanitarian perspectives and responses

Event - Conference - 24 - 27 October 2013

The aim of this conference is to explore recent human security risks, threats and crises that have been affecting different parts of the world and how humanitarian perspectives and approaches developed over the last few decades can be applied to such complex and challenging environments.The Secure Livelihoods Research Consortium will be hosting a panel looking at livelihoods, basic services, security and justice - the socio-economic realities in conflict affected situations. This panel will give the audience a preview to the findings from the surveys exploring the type and coverage of support to livelihoods, the extent of access to basic services and peoples’ views about the roles, responsibilities and performance of different levels of government and non-state actors in providing services, supporting livelihoods and security and justice.

How to find evidence and use it well

Opinion - Articles and blogs - 3 October 2013
'Systematic reviews are growing in popularity with donors looking for a rigorous option for assessing evidence. But are they the best approach to finding the right evidence in a flexible, robust and user friendly way?'