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Shaping policy for development

An overview of Lagoro IDP camp in Kitgum District, northern Uganda, 20 May 2007. Manoocher Deghati/IRIN
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Jonathan Glennie
Jonathan Glennie

Jonathan Glennie

Jonathan Glennie has worked on aid and development finance policy for a number of organisations, and has written a well-received book on the subject. Before ODI he managed Christian Aid's aid programme in Colombia, where he developed expertise on human rights and land issues.


Grants or loans: how should the UK provide aid in the future?

Opinion - Articles and blogs - 20 February 2014


A new report by the IDC explores the new challenges facing UK development. Three ODI bloggers reflect on its findings – and we want your views. 

Introduction by Kevin Watkins, ODI Director

The international development landscape is changing.

With rich countries still struggling to shake off the after-effects of the financial crisis, emerging markets have become a global growth pole. Countries in Africa are posting some of the world’s highest growth rates – several have entered the ranks of middle-income countries.

Game changers: global policy priorities for the post-2015 agenda

Publication - Research reports and studies - 14 November 2013
There is a lot of debate but little agreement on the ‘global partnership’ that could underpin new goals on sustainable development after 2015. As well as development finance, other issues like trade, migration and tax are potentially on the agenda. This paper pulls together estimates of the scale and distribution of the benefits from different possible areas of reform.
Jonathan Glennie

What works in development finance: a new blog series invites cutting edge commentary

Opinion - Articles and blogs - 12 November 2013
'We have invited leading thinkers and practitioners to contribute to what is set to be an important series of blogs that will shed light on the most important aspects of development finance today. Over the coming months, these blogs will challenge and cajole, they will supply ideas, and they will add to the growing momentum for improved development cooperation.'

Nepal's story: understanding improvements in maternal health

Publication - Research reports and studies - 21 October 2013
Jakob Engel, Jonathan Glennie, Shiva Raj Adhikari, Sanju Wagle Bhattarai, Devi Prasad Prasai, Fiona Samuels
​This Development Progress case study explores the lessons that can be drawn from a remarkable story of progress, revealing that despite a 10-year insurgency, persistent political upheaval, and some of the world's most challenging terrain for the delivery of healthcare, Nepal has reduced its maternal mortality ratio by almost 50% - meaning it is one of the few countries on track to achieve MDG 5.