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Shaping policy for development

An overview of Lagoro IDP camp in Kitgum District, northern Uganda, 20 May 2007. Manoocher Deghati/IRIN
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Alice Caravani
Alice Caravani

Alice Caravani

Research Officer, Climate and Environment

Alice has a background in Development Economics and recently completed a Masters at LSE in Environment and Development. Her work at ODI within the CCEF team has mainly been focused on the Climate Funds Update website and issues related to climate finance. In addition to climate finance, Alice’s main research interests include the trade-offs between economic growth and environmental protection in developing countries and economic evaluation of environmental projects and policies.


Ten things to know about climate finance in 2013

Publication - Infographic - 18 November 2013
This infographic explores the numbers on climate finance, offering an annual analysis of data from the world’s only comprehensive public climate finance commitment tracker – Climate Funds Update. In 2013, it finds that pledges through multilateral climate funds have fallen by 71% on last year, but Europe remains a leader.

Mobilising international climate finance: lessons from the fast-start finance period

Publication - Research reports and studies - 11 November 2013
Smita Nakhooda, Taryn Fransen, Takeshi Kuramochi, Alice Caravani, Annalisa Prizzon, Noriko Shimizu, Helen Tilley, Aidy Halimanjaya, Bryn Welham
This report reviews donor country commitments during the 2010-12 'Fast-Start Finance' period. While donors appear to have surpassed their initial commitments, concrete comparisons are restricted by definitional and operational biases.

Climate finance regional briefing: sub-Saharan Africa

Publication - Briefing papers - 8 November 2013
Smita Nakhooda, Sam Barnard, Alice Caravani, Overseas Development Institute and Liane Schalatek, Heinrich Böell Stiftung
Africa is the region that has contributed the least to global greenhouse gas emissions but is the most vulnerable to the impact of climate change. It is estimated that the total cost of Africa’s adaptation to climate change will be between $10-30 billion a year by 2030.

Climate finance regional briefing: Asia and the Pacific

Publication - Briefing papers - 8 November 2013
Sam Barnard, Smita Nakhooda, Alice Caravani, Overseas Development Institute and Liane Schalatek, Heinrich Böll Stiftung
Asia is the largest continent and has the world’s most expansive Ocean – the Pacific – on its margins. It is also the region that has received the most international climate funding, which so far has concentrated on supporting mitigation activities.


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