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Shaping policy for development

An overview of Lagoro IDP camp in Kitgum District, northern Uganda, 20 May 2007. Manoocher Deghati/IRIN
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Jessica Hagen-Zanker
Jessica Hagen-Zanker

Jessica Hagen-Zanker

Research Officer, Social Protection

Jessica specialises in the quantitative analysis of Social Protection, in particular social protection and migration, financing social protection and impact evaluation. Her work on financing includes a study on the affordability of social protection in the light of international spending commitments in five Sub-Saharan countries, as well as research on fiscal space for social protection. Jessica has also worked on a number of systematic reviews, including one for DFID about the benefits of work guarantee schemes compared with cash transfers and recently co-authored a briefing paper on making systematic reviews work for development. Jessica’s work on impact evaluation includes a project on the effectiveness and relevance of social protection in tackling social exclusion and promoting social inclusion in Asia, amongst others.

Jessica’s previous PhD work at Maastricht University focused on the analysis of causes and effects of migration on migrant-sending households in countries of origin, from a household perspective, with a particular focus on Albania and Moldova.

To request a copy of Jessica's CV, please email n.mathers@odi.org.uk


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Can social protection and labour programmes promote social inclusion?

Event - Public event - 28 April 2014 10:00 - 16:30 (GMT+01 (BST))

This symposium presents the findings of a three year research project that explored the impact of different social protection and labour programme interventions on social inclusion in Afghanistan, Bangladesh, India and Nepal. The symposium will serve as a forum for researchers and development practitioners to discuss evidence from the field and its implications for policy and practice.

How to find evidence and use it well

Opinion - Articles and blogs - 3 October 2013
'Systematic reviews are growing in popularity with donors looking for a rigorous option for assessing evidence. But are they the best approach to finding the right evidence in a flexible, robust and user friendly way?'

How to do a rigorous, evidence-focused literature review in international development: a guidance note

Publication - Discussion papers - 18 September 2013
Building on previous reflections on the utility of systematic reviews in international development research, this paper describes an approach to carrying out a literature review that adheres to some of the core principles of ‘full’ systematic reviews, but that also contains space within the process for innovation and reflexivity.

The affordability of social protection in the light of international spending commitments

Publication - Journal articles or issues - 12 August 2013
In this article, Jessica Hagen Zanker and Anna McCord analyse social protection affordability by comparing target spending levels with actual government expenditure in five African countries. They find that meeting any of the sectoral targets in full would require either sectoral trade-offs, or significant increases in donor or government expenditure.